Customs officers in Yekaterinburg catch passenger with drugs and sneakers

2024-05-21 // Le Podium India
Customs officers in Yekaterinburg have apprehended a passenger at the airport who was carrying drugs and a batch of sneakers.

In Yekaterinburg, customs officers intercepted a passenger at the airport who was found to be in possession of drugs and a batch of sneakers. The 27-year-old passenger, who was traveling from Bangkok, was stopped in the "green corridor" during a baggage scan. Inspectors discovered a smoking pipe with a removable mouthpiece and bowl, which was found to contain a plant substance with a strong odor. An examination revealed that the pipe contained an extract with over 370 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol, a narcotic substance that is banned in Russia.

In addition to the pipe, customs officers also found 19 pairs of sneakers in the passenger's luggage. The man claimed that he had purchased all the footwear for personal use to avoid trying them on in the store. However, it was clear that a single person cannot wear shoes in both size 40 and 45, indicating that the batch was intended for commercial purposes and should have been declared and subject to customs duties.

The passenger explained that he had received the pipe as a gift from strangers in Pattaya and was unaware of its purpose. He now faces penalties and confiscation of the items. This incident highlights the continued efforts of customs officers to combat illegal activities at the airport.

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