How to Look Impeccable on the Beach: Princess Diana's Stylish Life Hack

2024-05-21 // Le Podium India
Learn about Princess Diana's fashion trick that allowed her to maintain her royal elegance even while on vacation.

Some members of the royal family rightfully earn the status of fashion icons, and the following generations imitate their dress style. Princess Diana undoubtedly leads all such lists, being considered one of the most influential sources of inspiration. Her style is still being copied as most fashionable.

One of Princess Diana's clever tricks was consistently creating coordinated outfits, regardless of the wardrobe items involved. It was not uncommon to see Diana in a polka dot skirt with polka dot socks, or, for example, a dress and hat of the same shade, or a headband made of the same material as her jacket. This simple technique allowed her to create a cohesive image without random details.

She applied the same trick during her summer vacation in 1997, shortly before her death. The princess was staying on a yacht in the French Riviera with Dodi Al-Fayed. Reporters caught her in Saint-Tropez wearing matching swimsuit and pareo sets, creating the effect of a flawless aristocratic wardrobe. Diana's chosen outfits were bold due to the trendy colors or prints, but they were not overly flashy thanks to their overall elegance.

Even the leopard-print ensemble managed to maintain a noble tone thanks to the modest cut of the one-piece swimsuit and a sufficiently long opaque skirt in the same color, which together looked almost like a dress. Princess Diana enjoyed her vacation in this attire on Necker Island. Another time, Diana showcased an equally harmonious set consisting of a two-piece swimsuit and pareo, both featuring a cute print.

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