Linen Named as One of the Trends for Summer 2024 by Stylist Herman

2024-05-21 // Le Podium India
Stylist Herman identifies linen as one of the trends for summer 2024 and emphasizes the importance of femininity in fashion.

Stylist Marina Herman has revealed the fashion trends for 2024, with linen being named as one of the most popular materials for the summer season. According to Herman, interesting shoes are also highly relevant, with many trends transitioning from the fall/winter and spring seasons. She believes that these trends can be transformed into more captivating details that complement one's look.

Herman emphasizes the continued importance of femininity in fashion. She suggests creating a linen capsule wardrobe, which can be suitable for both casual and office attire. Linen pants, Bermuda shorts, and linen jackets can all be mixed and matched effortlessly. Dresses and skirts can also be added to enhance the overall outfit.

In addition to linen, Herman also advises against common mistakes when purchasing jewelry, highlighting the importance of making informed choices when investing in these items. She encourages consumers to consider the credibility and quality of the jewelry before making a purchase.

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