RasenA: Russian Fashion Brand Combines Modern and Traditional Elements

2024-05-21 // Le Podium India
RasenA, a fashion brand from Perm, is gaining international recognition with its unique combination of Russian modernism, Slavic prints, and sustainable materials.

RasenA, a Perm-based fashion brand, showcased its new spring-summer collection at Moscow Fashion Week in March. The collection, designed by creator Yulia Suntseva, has attracted significant interest for its fusion of Russian modernism, Slavic prints, and eco-friendly materials.

In an interview with "Rossiyskaya Gazeta," Suntseva explained that the brand's collections are featured at various exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The recent collection showcased at Moscow Fashion Week included references to Komi-Permyak motifs, featuring cotton sweaters, viscose shirts, and embroidery inspired by Komi-Permyak protective belts. The collection also included denim garments and bags made from hemp and nettle. These natural materials not only feel comfortable against the skin but also possess excellent durability. Hemp, for example, was traditionally used in Rus' to make fabrics, sails, and ropes.

Collaborating with artist Ilya Gorelik, RasenA used neural networks to create a unique print for its knitwear line. The traditional Komi-Permyak embroideries were digitized and transformed into an exceptional print featured in the brand's collection of basic hemp knitwear t-shirts and long-sleeves. The print consists of nine colors, each representing one of the nine Slavic chakras, activating different energies.

In addition to incorporating IT tools in their design process, RasenA also applies advanced technology to fashion. They utilize virtual clothing and augmented reality fitting techniques, allowing customers to visualize garments in real-time to check for size, style, and fit. Another project involved creating a collection of virtual historical headdresses in collaboration with the Komi-Permyak Ethnocultural Center, demonstrating the brand's commitment to preserving and popularizing the cultural heritage of the Perm region.

Looking to the future, RasenA is exploring the potential of the metaverse, a digital space accessible to all internet users. By collaborating with local authorities, they aim to establish a Perm metaverse that represents various industries, including the creative sector.

RasenA's unique blend of modern and traditional elements, along with its commitment to sustainability and technological innovation, has positioned it as a notable brand in the fashion industry both in Russia and abroad.

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