Designers to Create Collection for Brand "Moscow - Youth Capital of Russia"

2024-05-24 // Le Podium India
Designers will create a collection for the brand "Moscow - Youth Capital of Russia", inviting local entrepreneurs to participate in a competition.

A competition has been launched by the projects "Youth of Moscow" and "Made in Moscow" to invite participants to develop their own clothing and accessory collections for the brand "Moscow - Youth Capital of Russia". The aim is to create a recognizable merchandise for the brand, which represents Moscow as the youth capital of Russia.

The chairman of the Committee on Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow, Ekaterina Dragunova, commented, "Moscow holds the title of the youth capital of Russia, it is a true brand that needs its own recognizable symbolism, including memorable merchandise."

During the development of the collection, designers are expected to incorporate elements from the existing brand's visual identity. The winner will be determined by a voting process on the "Youth of Moscow" portal, and submissions will be accepted until June 10th.

In addition, the article mentions the upcoming trend of linen clothing for the year 2024, as mentioned by an unnamed source.

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