Izeta presents a summer collection inspired by nature

2024-05-29 // Le Podium India
Izeta's new summer collection draws inspiration from the colors of nature - white, sandy, and minty. The collection features a range of garments made from natural fabrics, with leather dyed in rare light shades. Experimentation with form is a key element this season, with tailored suits paired with high-waisted wide-leg trousers. The collection also includes linen and denim-like cotton pieces, perfect for hot summer days. The color palette is influenced by southern architecture, with sandy and terracotta tones dominating. Leather items come in cozy shades of dark chocolate, banana, buttercream, and warm milk. Classic wool and silk suits are complemented by refreshing mint sets. The collection showcases a duality of styles, combining transparency and linen, suitable for warm climates.

The brand Izeta has unveiled its latest summer collection, showcasing designs inspired by the colors of nature. The collection features shades of white, sandy, and mint, and the majority of the pieces are made from natural fabrics. In addition to this, the leather items in the collection have been dyed in rare light shades, adding a unique touch to the collection.

This season, Izeta has also focused on experimenting with form. The collection includes tailored suits paired with high-waisted wide-leg trousers, which are in line with the current trend. These trousers are available in a variety of shades, made from linen and dense cotton that has a denim-like feel, but is much more comfortable for the hot summer weather. They can be worn with both loose and straight-cut shirts, as well as with t-shirts and tank tops.

Izeta drew inspiration from the architecture of southern countries when designing the color palette of the collection. The key shades chosen were sandy and terracotta, which can be seen throughout the collection. For the leather items, cozy shades of dark chocolate, banana, buttercream, and warm milk were selected. The collection also includes suits in classic colors made from fine wool and wild silk, as well as sets in a refreshing mint color.

The summer collection by Izeta embraces the concept of duality and mixing styles. The collection features a lot of transparency and linen, which are always appropriate for warm climates. The use of these materials adds a light and airy feel to the garments, making them perfect for the summer season.

Overall, Izeta's summer collection offers a range of garments that combine natural fabrics, unique colors, and experimental forms. The collection is inspired by nature and the architecture of southern countries, resulting in a versatile and stylish range of clothing for the summer season.

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