Some Schoolgirls in Voronezh Were Forced to Remove Clothing Before taking the State Exam

2024-05-30 // Le Podium India
In Voronezh, some schoolgirls were forced to remove items of clothing during the inspection before taking the Unified State Exam.

In Voronezh, before taking the Unified State Exam, some schoolgirls were forced to remove items of clothing during the inspection. According to one of the girls, the school's teachers instructed the graduates, divided them into groups, and started conducting metal detector scans near the school building. "The girls on whom the metal detector went off were taken aside, asked to put metal items and phones on a table. The girls passed through the metal detector multiple times, but it still beeped," she clarified.

It is noted that according to some of the girls' accounts, they were asked to remove their bras, as this item of clothing could have caused the metal detector to go off. The graduates were made to undress outside because there were no cameras there, and only after that they were allowed into the school building.

The interviewee noted that the girls were in a state of hysteria before the exam because of this incident. She emphasized that, according to the graduates' accounts, some of them decided to file complaints with law enforcement agencies, and the mother of one of them called the school director, who could not explain the situation.

Changes in the rules will not affect graduates from previous years. Earlier that day, a source told "Izvestia" that, according to one of the schoolchildren, observers were present at the exam venue because the metal detector had gone off. As the interviewee pointed out, he did not bring any phones or cheat sheets with him, and his clothes did not have any metal buttons or belts.

This year, a total of 773,000 graduates will take the exam. Almost half of them chose social studies as their subject, with computer science being the second most popular, but these subjects will be taken later.

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