Shocking Incident: Knife Blade Thrown into Shoes of "Ural Dumplings" Star Ilana Dyldina

2024-06-04 // Le Podium India
Ilana Dyldina, a member of the "Ural Dumplings" show, faced a shocking situation when someone threw a knife blade into her shoe.

Ilana Dyldina, a participant in the "Ural Dumplings" show, experienced a shocking incident recently. Someone threw a knife blade into her shoe, as she revealed to her followers. Dyldina even showed a small cut on her foot to her subscribers, although the injury could have been more serious. According to the performer, she noticed the blade in time, before fully putting on her shoe.

Dyldina also mentioned that similar incidents have occurred when she performed in the theater. However, this was the first time such an incident happened on the "Ural Dumplings" show. She did not disclose any potential suspects.

Currently, the "Ural Dumplings" are on tour in the Far East. They are scheduled to perform in Khabarovsk on June 4, Vladivostok on June 5, and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on June 6.

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