Sunset Flush: How to Recreate the Hottest Beauty Trend of the Summer

2024-06-05 // Le Podium India
Learn how to recreate the trendy "sunset flush" makeup look with a gradient of pink and orange blush and a golden highlighter.

There are more and more ways to apply blush appearing online. Just like many other trends, we also have TikTok to thank for the "sunset flush" trend. Influencer Alyssa Janai introduced this fresh and unusual way of applying blush, and her video has already gathered over 7 million views. This trendy makeup look with a gradient of pink and orange blush and a golden highlighter quickly captured the hearts of other influencers. Here's how you can recreate it.

The Key to the Sunset Flush

The key feature of this makeup look is the combination of pink and orange blushes and a golden highlighter, creating a beautiful gradient reminiscent of a summer sunset. Unlike other popular blush looks like the "boyfriend blush" or the "sun-kissed glow," this one doesn't aim for natural shades. Therefore, the sunset flush is not suitable for everyday makeup if you usually prefer natural and light beauty looks.

The combination of peachy and rosy blushes complements both natural and bronzed skin tones. You can use even very vibrant shades that you wouldn't normally go for in classic makeup looks.

How to Achieve the Sunset Flush

To achieve the sunset flush, it's important to prep your skin and create an even complexion with a subtle glow. Start by applying a moisturizing cream or serum, followed by a light foundation or CC cream with a natural finish and a dewy glow. Use concealer to further perfect your skin if needed.

Next, you can move on to the blush. You'll need two shades of blush and a golden highlighter. The color combinations can vary, but the classic version includes pink and bright peach shades. You can also use red, coral, and soft pink products with a warm undertone to enhance your bronzed look. Apply them in dots on your cheeks, with the orange shade closer to the center of your cheeks and the pink shade closer to the outer edges of your face. Apply the highlighter above the pigments at the outer corner of your eyes.

Blending the blushes is essential to create a smooth coverage that lasts throughout the day. You can control the intensity, ranging from a soft translucent effect to a more vibrant shade.

Finishing Touches

The blushes have a balm-like texture, thanks to their soft texture and nourishing components, as well as a tint-like feature, making them easy to blend into the skin for a natural flush. The stick blush has a pleasant texture, a delicate shade, and a soft matte finish. The combination of natural and mineral waxes ensures a gentle application and blending. The baked highlighter with an ultra-fine grind delicately illuminates the skin, providing long-lasting coverage and a fresh and rested appearance. The intensity of the glow is adjustable. The liquid highlighter gives the skin a delicate radiance. Its texture is easy to blend and mix with other pigments.

If you have oily or combination skin, apply powder blushes in similar shades on top of the cream blushes. Alternatively, you can set the products with a setting spray or a translucent finishing powder. Keep your eye makeup neutral, such as applying brown mascara to your lashes or creating a subtle eyeliner. Leave your lips without a bold accent by using a sheer balm or tint—and voila, your summer makeup look is ready!

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