10 Summer Footwear Antitrends: Avoid These Outdated Styles

2024-06-06 // Le Podium India
A detailed list of the most outdated and unattractive summer footwear styles that should be avoided.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba. During the summer, we often want to refresh our wardrobe and try out the brightest and most colorful new fashion trends. However, it's important to remember that the key role in creating a harmonious and complete look is played by our footwear. In the age of conscious consumption, it is essential to know which shoe styles are hopelessly outdated and should not clutter our wardrobes. We asked a stylist to compile a detailed list of the most unquestionable antitrends of the summer season - we recommend familiarizing yourself with it to avoid common fashion mistakes.

Roman sandals with multiple straps and laces

Roman sandals do not highlight the elegance and beauty of women's feet. If you want to look feminine and modern, it is better to choose leather slides with a flat sole or a slight heel instead of gladiator sandals.

Perforated footwear

While perforated shoes may seem like a great choice for hot summer days, they are outdated. Slides, sandals, or boots with perforations can ruin even the most fashionable outfit.

Denim shoes

Footwear made of denim is a completely hopeless option. If you still have such shoes from several years ago, it's time to throw them away and buy open-toe models in a more restrained style but bright color.

Fur-lined mules, slippers, sandals, or shoes

This trend has already been seen on the streets and in fashion blogs. Walking in such footwear (whether it is genuine or faux fur) is considered a faux pas. It's better to replace them with simpler and more practical styles. If you still want some decoration, pay attention to footwear with trendy chains.

Footwear with fringe

While this detail may still be popular in clothing, fringe on shoes and accessories is outdated. When choosing footwear, it is better to focus on beautiful buckles, chains, or ties instead.

Chunky platform sandals or shoes with wide straps

No matter what you wear or where you go, such footwear will make your entire look outdated and tasteless. In addition to being outdated, they are also excessively heavy, causing fatigue and strain on the body. Choose the most elegant and lightweight models with thin straps to look light and relaxed.

Chunky sandals with wide straps

These shoes also attract too much attention and look dull and outdated in modern times. It's best to hide such models far in the back of your closet because elegance and simplicity are currently in style. When choosing sandals, opt for lightweight models with thin straps or delicate ankle ties.

Wedges on all types of shoes

The excessive use of wedges has made them an antitrend this summer. It is now almost impossible to find beautiful footwear with an appropriate wedge. It's better to replace wedged sandals or shoes with models featuring a stable block heel.

Transparent plastic or vinyl footwear

Transparent heels have also become quite tiresome and no longer evoke any emotions. However, if you want to add a unique touch to your footwear, currently trending options include shoes with architectural and sculptural heels.

Excessive decoration

An abundance of embellishments does not make footwear better or more beautiful. The current trend appreciates simplicity and minimalism. Therefore, it's advisable to avoid shoes with excessive bows, beads, rhinestones, appliques, studs, lace, flowers, or anything else. Such footwear categorizes us as tasteless - it's better to replace it with sandals of a simple design featuring minimalist decorations like braiding or thin ties.

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