Fashion Secrets of Royal Ladies: Insoles, Meshes, and Rubber Bands

2024-06-15 // Le Podium India
Discover the hidden fashion hacks of royal ladies, from leather insoles to silicone inserts and special undergarments. Find out how they always look impeccable.

Being a member of the royal family comes with privileges and a long list of responsibilities, especially when it comes to their appearance. Women of the monarchy are always expected to look impeccable and elegant, as all eyes are on them. However, wearing high heels and heavy accessories can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, these ladies manage it effortlessly. Let's explore some of the style secrets used by royal ladies to always look flawless.

Dense Fabrics and Fitted Silhouettes

Exposing bare legs is a no-no for royal women. To avoid any embarrassing moments caused by the wind, they opt for outfits made of dense fabrics with fitted silhouettes. Duchess Kate often chooses tweed suits as her go-to option.

Lightweight fabrics and wide hems require a special trick. Small weights are sewn into the hems to prevent them from blowing in the wind, ensuring that their legs remain covered according to etiquette.

Bodysuits Instead of Blouses

To maintain a flawless appearance without any creases, Duchess Meghan wears bodysuits instead of regular blouses, shirts, or tops. This way, everything stays in place and nothing gets untucked.

Special Undergarments

In order to minimize the risk of wardrobe malfunctions, royal ladies use special undergarments that provide static cling. This ensures that the fabric stays close to their bodies and in the right place.

Shoe Hacks

To prevent swelling, blisters, and foot fatigue, Duchess of Sussex opts for shoes that are one size larger. She also uses silicone inserts and pads to keep them from slipping off. She learned this trick from actors.

Since royal women are not allowed to show bare legs, they wear sheer nylon stockings to all events. However, there is a risk of shoes slipping off, which is uncomfortable and unacceptable. That is why Duchess Kate uses stockings with silicone inserts to keep her shoes in place.

Hair Accessories

For a tidy and sleek hairstyle, Duchess Kate uses hair meshes. These discreet accessories help keep her hair in perfect order throughout the day, matching the color of her hair.

Clutch Bags

Small and practical clutch bags not only complement the outfits but also serve as a shield to cover the cleavage area when getting in and out of cars. This tactic prevents unwanted snapshots and provocative headlines in the media, as Princess Diana used to do with satin clutches.

Hats and Rubber Bands

Royal ladies prefer various types of hats that can be quite extravagant. To keep them secured, they use thin rubber bands instead of invisible pins. These bands match the hair color and are almost invisible, providing excellent support for hats of any size and shape.