Jack Crawford wins Formula 2 race in Spain

2024-06-24 // Le Podium India
Jack Crawford emerges victorious in the main Formula 2 race in Barcelona, with Juan Manuel Correa securing his first podium since 2019.

Jack Crawford claimed the top spot in the Formula 2 race held in Barcelona. The American driver, representing DAMS, crossed the finish line first, securing the win in the main race. Franco Colapinto from MP Motorsport took the second position, while Juan Manuel Correa, also from DAMS, finished third and achieved his first podium in Formula 2 since recovering from severe injuries sustained in Belgium in 2019.

The day before, Correa had initially secured a podium finish and received a trophy. However, due to a penalty, he was demoted to eighth place. Starting from pole position, Paul Aron from Hitech claimed the fourth spot after a gravel excursion. Victor Martins from ART, the winner of the sprint race, and Dennis Hauger from MP Motorsport got stuck in the gravel on the first lap, resulting in a safety car intervention.

In the qualifying session, Aron narrowly clinched pole position, beating Crawford by 0.002 seconds and Colapinto by 0.006 seconds. Antonelli finished fifth, while Berman took the fifteenth spot.

Crawford's victory in the main race has solidified his position in the championship standings. Aron remains the leader with 100 points, followed by the driver from Roden Motorsport with 73 points. Crawford currently sits in third place with 62 points, closely followed by Gabriel Bortoleto from Invictus with 60 points.