New Collection by Masterpeace: Dresses, Blouses, and Skirts

2024-06-25 // Le Podium India
Masterpeace, a Russian brand, has released a new collection featuring dresses, blouses, and skirts. The garments are made of batiste and lace, crafted at a family factory near Marseille.

The main source of inspiration for founder Evgenia Linovich was Marcel Pagnol's autobiographical books about his childhood, particularly "The Castle of My Mother." The collection, like a lookbook and the pages of the book, captures the atmosphere of Provence, although the shoot took place at Linovich's parents' country house.

"Recently, the film 'Time of Secrets' (2022) by Christophe Barratier was released, where children are no longer children, where you come to the country house in the summer, fall in love, and wear dresses: white, delicate, with seams and lace," added Evgenia Linovich.

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