How the Ural-based designer promoted her clothing brand with the help of the USSR

2024-06-26 // Le Podium India
Discover the story of the Ural brand SelSovet, worn by Khabensky, Rastorguev, and Sobchak

Ekaterina Varlakova, the head of SelSovet, has successfully promoted her clothing brand with a unique concept inspired by the USSR. The brand's sweaters with the USSR logo became highly popular, with celebrities like Khabensky, Rastorguev, and Sobchak wearing them. The brand's success has expanded internationally and the clothes have been featured in Vogue photoshoots in Paris. Varlakova's journey in the fashion industry began with her involvement in the Kira Plastinina store chain. However, after experiencing setbacks, she decided to sell her business and rebrand as SelSovet. The brand's popularity skyrocketed with the release of the USSR-inspired sweaters, attracting attention from celebrities and customers worldwide. Despite not having a formal fashion education, Varlakova's passion and determination have led to the growth of SelSovet. The brand's success can be attributed to tapping into the nostalgia for the Soviet era and combining it with current fashion trends. The sweaters feature retro styles, oversized fits, and trendy design elements. SelSovet has received positive feedback from customers around the world, with many expressing pride in wearing the brand's clothing. The brand's success serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing and remembering one's cultural heritage.