Frederic Vasseur: "Mixed feelings. Finally being on the podium is a good result".

2024-07-01 // Le Podium India
Frederic Vasseur reflects on the Austrian Grand Prix and expresses both satisfaction and disappointment with Alfa Romeo's performance.

Frederic Vasseur, the team principal of Alfa Romeo Racing, has shared his thoughts on the team's performance at the Austrian Grand Prix. Vasseur admitted to having mixed feelings about the race, stating that being on the podium is a good result overall. However, he also expressed some disappointment, feeling that the team could have performed better and achieved higher positions.

Frustration over car issues

Vasseur highlighted the problems the team faced with their car, particularly with Charles Leclerc during the qualifying session and the race itself. Despite these issues, Vasseur acknowledged that the team still managed to achieve a good result.

Incident involving Leclerc

Regarding Leclerc's incident at the start of the race, Vasseur called it a racing incident and explained that Leclerc found himself between two other drivers. Vasseur did not dwell on this incident too much and instead focused on the race.

No plans for immediate car updates

When asked about plans for car updates in the upcoming races, Vasseur firmly stated that there are no plans to make any updates or revert to the previous car configuration. He emphasized the need to be ambitious and look ahead, focusing on improving the current car's performance.

Continuing progress and upcoming races

Vasseur acknowledged the progress made by the team but stressed that there is still more work to be done in order to have both cars consistently fighting for points. He expressed determination to perform better in the next race at Silverstone.

Vasseur also commented on the evolving competitive landscape of the championship, noting that it is difficult to determine which car is the fastest as it can vary from session to session. He highlighted Alfa Romeo's strong performance in Monaco and Lando Norris's impressive pace in the race, attributing it to tire management skills.


Despite experiencing both satisfaction and disappointment at the Austrian Grand Prix, Vasseur remains optimistic about Alfa Romeo's progress. He emphasized the need to work on the current car's performance, rather than relying on immediate updates. The team's focus now shifts to the next race in Silverstone, where they will continue their efforts to improve the car's aerodynamics.

Overall, Vasseur believes that Alfa Romeo has the potential to compete for points and continue to challenge the other teams in the championship.