The Monta Noble Voyager: A Subtle Upgrade to a Classic Sports Watch

2024-07-06 // Le Podium India
Monta has announced the Noble Voyager, a new watch that expands on their popular Noble collection by adding a GMT complication.

The French independent brand, Monta, has introduced the Noble Voyager as an upgrade to their popular Noble collection. The Noble Voyager expands on the concept of an old-fashioned luxury sport watch with distinct refined details and adds a GMT complication. This new feature allows the wearers to monitor an additional time zone while on the go.

The GMT complication on the Noble Voyager is subtle and might be easily missed if not looked for. Instead of a traditional long 24 hour hand, Monta has chosen to make it a skeletonized clone of the local hour hand. This decision keeps the dial clean and showcases the lightly textured dégradé dials in green or blue, which were well-received on the original Noble.

The case of the Noble Voyager remains similar to the time and date model, measuring 38.5mm in diameter and 47mm lug to lug. The only notable difference is the case height, which is slightly higher on the Noble Voyager at 10.7mm compared to 9.7mm on the standard Noble. However, this small increase is unlikely to have a significant impact on the wearing experience.

Monta has always been praised for their high standard of case finishing, and the Noble Voyager is no exception. With polished surfaces and refined quality, the finishing on the Noble Voyager stands out. According to the brand, the cases of the Noble Voyager are held to even tighter tolerances than the original Noble.

The Monta Noble Voyager is powered by the Monta caliber M-23, which is a rebadged Sellita SW-330-2. While this limits its functionality for travel due to the caller GMT, it still serves as an efficient time zone tracker. Priced at $2,395, the Noble Voyager is expected to be delivered in August.