German Sportswear Company Renames Boots in Honor of Kroos

2024-07-07 // Le Podium India
German sportswear company adidas has decided to rename the 11pro soccer boots in honor of Toni Kroos and they will now be called TKpro.

German sportswear company adidas has announced that they will be renaming their 11pro soccer boots in honor of Toni Kroos. The boots will now be called TKpro. The decision comes as a tribute to the renowned German footballer, who recently played his final match in his career. Kroos had previously stated that the European Championship 2024 would be his last tournament.

The TKpro boots have been redesigned with inputs from Kroos himself, ensuring that they cater to the specific preferences and requirements of the midfielder. The boots are expected to be available for purchase soon and will feature the classic design elements that adidas is known for.

Toni Kroos' Illustrious Career

Toni Kroos, during his career, has played over 800 matches. He has won the UEFA Champions League six times, with one win with Bayern Munich and five wins with Real Madrid. He has also been a three-time Bundesliga champion and a four-time La Liga winner. Kroos has also claimed victory in the Spanish and German Cups and Super Cups.

Kroos has achieved great success at the international level as well. He won the FIFA World Cup in 2014 with the German national team and has twice been a bronze medalist in the UEFA European Championships (2012, 2016).

The decision to rename the boots as TKpro is a testament to Kroos' contribution to the sport and his status as a beloved figure among football fans.