Trendy Brands to Inspire Your Wardrobe

2024-07-08 // Le Podium India
Discover the most fashionable brands for men's clothing that will inspire anyone.

In Russia, men's fashion has taken strong positions and continues to surprise and inspire with its creations. Brands offer a range of clothing and accessories for men's wardrobes to suit every taste and color. It's easy to navigate this world and find trendy denim, stylish wooden frames, grunge-style signet rings, or beloved sneakers. Here is a guide to Russian players in the men's fashion market who are worth watching and wearing.

Red September and 1377

Red September is a bright example of how ordinary denim can become a brand's signature. Their jeans or jackets with diamond-shaped cutouts have become must-have items. They also make a memorable impact internationally with their bold and intricate designs. Another noticeable brand is Liars Collective from St. Petersburg, offering vibrant colored t-shirts, long-sleeves, and hoodies with tie-dye techniques, which are highly appreciated by the art community.

SHU, Gate31, and 12Storeez

These brands focus on simplicity, functionality, and good design in their collections. 12Storeez offers subdued colors such as sky blue, tobacco, or ink black, using materials ranging from cotton to merino wool. SHU stands out with urban windbreakers, raincoats, hats, functional backpacks, and a variety of solid-colored long-sleeves and wide-legged trousers. They understand the importance of a strong and versatile basics wardrobe.

Brier, WHO / AM, and Sovorotka

Brier creates perfect men's shirts without accentuated details, featuring stand-up collars, fitted cuts, and natural fabrics. WHO / AM adds asymmetrical details, slits, and memorable prints to classic models. Sovorotka offers traditional shirts with a diagonal collar, providing an excellent alternative to the classic variant. These brands successfully incorporate elements of the national costume into everyday reality, resulting in a stylish and modern interpretation of the past.

Polya Divika, MOLOTOV, Fjord, and Mozi Jewelry

Polya Divika specializes in patchwork techniques for jackets and waistcoats, creating bright and warm pieces that add character to any men's wardrobe. MOLOTOV offers a bold streetwear aesthetic, from graffiti t-shirts to waist bags, reflecting a unique cultural style. Fjord and Mozi Jewelry provide an extensive selection of men's jewelry, featuring rings, necklaces, and bracelets with daring and rebellious designs.

The Russian market also offers a wide range of men's accessories, including sunglasses with frame materials like maple, eucalyptus, or walnut. Wood Sun stands out with their special craftsmanship. The options for men's fashion are now more diverse than ever, offering something for every style and season.