Outdated Summer Footwear: 5 Styles Worn Only in the Provinces

2024-05-21 // Le Podium India
Discover the five outdated summer footwear styles that have lost their relevance and find stylish alternatives for them.

It's time to put away our boots and replace closed-toe shoes with sandals, flip-flops, and mules. However, it's important to distinguish between fashionable footwear and styles that are no longer in vogue. Here are the models you should get rid of first and what to replace them with.

1. Espadrilles with Wedges

While Kate Middleton still wears wedge espadrilles, they are generally considered outdated. Opt for platform shoes with wide heels, as they have made a comeback this year.

2. Loafers

Moccasins may be seen as a summer alternative to loafers, but they cheapen any outfit. Instead, go for loafers with chunky soles that can balance stylish and modern looks with oversized clothing.

3. Ballet Flats

If you're not a fan of loafers, consider ballet flats. However, avoid pairing them with skinny jeans or short denim skirts, as this combination belongs to the past. In 2021, ballet flats can be paired with romantic midi dresses and skirts, as Angelina Jolie does.

4. Closed-Toe Shoes with Stockings

Open-toed minimalistic sandals are currently in fashion. Opt for barely-there sandals with low heels that can complement any outfit. Choose neutral tones or vibrant colors.

5. Bulky Sandals

Chunky sandals have been trendy for several years, so there's no reason to stick with outdated flat models. Instead, go for sporty sandals, fisherman-style sandals, or those with chunky soles. They look great with romantic dresses, jeans, and the current pleated skirts and denim models.

Remember, it's best to avoid closed-toe shoes with open-toe styles and to never pair them with nylon stockings. These fashion mistakes can make any outfit look outdated and cheap.