Japanese Designer Nigo Mixes Island Vibes in Spring-Summer 2025 Collection

2024-06-21 // Le Podium India
In his latest collection, Japanese designer Nigo combines elements of island culture with signature pieces, creating a unique and innovative fashion line.

For the spring-summer 2025 men's show, Nigo has chosen Parc Palais-Royal as the location, just a minute's walk from Galerie Vivienne, where his debut took place in January 2022 and where the first Kenzo Takada store opened. In this collection, the designer cleverly mixes all the characteristics of the islands and iconic elements for the brand.

On the runway, Japanese sandals (zori), raincoats with palm tree prints that appear blurred as if from a tropical rain, tops resembling fishnet with sea-inspired accents, hoodies made entirely of the same fishnet material, reminiscent of a diving suit, shoppers made from the same net, and vest pockets adorned with it. The Eiffel Tower is featured on asymmetric jackets in one of the Japanese courtyards, where the brand's tiger symbol – present since 1969 – also makes an appearance. Nigo plays with wild animals, adding embroidered "cat" motifs to bomber jackets and placing tiger-head backpacks on the models' shoulders.

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