Ozon Fashion Expert Shares Tips and Picks with Customers

2024-05-21 // Le Podium India
Ozon collaborates with fashion stylist Alexey Sukarev to provide customers with fashion recommendations and curated outfits.

Alexey Sukarev, a renowned fashion stylist with years of experience, is sharing his knowledge about fashion with Ozon customers. He provides recommendations, discusses fashion categories, and curates a selection of trendy outfits. In addition to this, Ozon conducts online and offline master classes at various events, as stated in the company's press release.

Alexey Sukarev's stylist picks are available on the Ozon app and website's Marketplace section. These are ready-made outfits that can be purchased as a whole on Ozon, including clothing, footwear, and accessories, featured in the Ozon Fashion section. The assortment is regularly updated based on the season and audience demand for certain products.

Prior to collaborating with Ozon, Alexey Sukarev was the editor-in-chief of the TV program "Fashion Verdict" on the First Channel. Currently, he is the author and host of the YouTube channel "Fashion Podcast," a style consultant for various Russian TV channels, and a lecturer at MSU Fashion Industry.

"Fashion is personal, and the best outfits are those that match a person's psychotype and character. Among Ozon's assortment, you can find everything from basic items to the trendiest and most unique wardrobe pieces. And all of this comes at an affordable price. Our goal is to help shoppers choose the most current items. This idea is at the heart of our collaboration," said Alexey Sukarev.

"The Fashion category's assortment is growing month by month. In the last six months alone, it has grown by 16%. And most importantly, the Fashion category is in demand, with clothing and footwear selling actively on Ozon. Currently, Ozon ranks second among online platforms in the Fashion category. Already, more than 180,000 entrepreneurs and brands sell clothing, footwear, and accessories, and by 2024, we plan to increase this number by 1.5 times," noted Iloanga Ershova, Director of Fashion Business Development at Ozon.

This year, Ozon is focusing on its female audience and investing over three billion rubles in promoting women's product categories, including Fashion.