Dramatic and Funny Moments: Models Stumbling on the Runway

2024-06-16 // Le Podium India
Explore the dramatic and funny moments when models couldn't stay on their feet on the runway.

Slipping, tripping, or stumbling on the runway can happen to even the most professional models. And of course, every fall leaves a mark in fashion history. Some falls are memorable because they brought a smile to the audience's face. Others are remembered because of the famous name that landed in the middle of the runway. There are even dramatic moments that scared everyone. It's possible to create a ranking of fashion brands whose models are most often in precarious positions on the runway.

Designers don't seem to care about the models' well-being when they make them wear shoes with incredible heels. At Maria Lafuente's show in Madrid, a model bravely fought with intimidating gold stiletto sandals for 20 meters. And she almost won! Agyness Deyn literally fell victim to high platform sandals by Burberry at a charity show for Haiti. She was saved from a complete disaster by a sweet curtsy and a charming smile.

In 1993, at Vivienne Westwood's show, the grace of the Black Panthers couldn't save Naomi Campbell from falling on the runway. Everyone remembered this episode, but no one could accuse the model of clumsiness: few would have been able to maintain balance on such a dizzying platform. After Naomi's fall, it became less embarrassing for other models to stumble on the runway. This may explain the mass fall at a charity show organized by a supermodel.

In 2012, the famous model Lindsey Wixson fell on the Versace runway. In slow motion footage, it is visible how her colleague Daphne Groeneveld rolled her eyes as she passed by. Another fall occurred at a Vivienne Westwood show. The model's balance was disrupted by a prop—a tin watering can in her hand. The situation was aggravated by the model's nervousness, causing her to fall several times on her way backstage.

In Brazil's fashion week, a model slipped and gracefully went down on the runway in the middle of her walk. Her friendly colleague extended a helping hand with a smile, dispelling the myth that models are enemies to one another. Watching videos from the Burberry show, no one expects what will happen at 2 minutes and 11 seconds. After the show, Christopher Bailey, the creative director of the brand at that time, commented, "One of the girls fell. It was a disaster."

Carly Kloss's embarrassing fall could have remained behind the scenes of the show. But she lacked just a couple of seconds and a few meters to disappear behind the stage and stay out of the audience's sight as a legendary fashion model. On the other hand, Karolina Kurkova has never landed on the runway throughout her career. In unexpected situations, she kicks off her shoes and continues to smile.