Ulyanovsk Fashion Week: Celebrating 10 Years of Fashion

2024-05-31 // Le Podium India
The 10th anniversary season gathered magnificent collections. Children's brands were especially popular, reflecting the future of fashion in Russia.

The theme of the anniversary Ulyanovsk Fashion Week was "Universe and Other Worlds." The event took place at the Volga Sport Arena and featured around 50 shows divided into children's and adult blocks. The headliners included designers Evgenia Klimkova, Evgenia Besedina, and Anastasia Kuchugova.

According to Alisa Bogatova, the general producer of Ulyanovsk Fashion Week, the event showcased a diverse range of fashion that reflects the rich creative industry in Russia. The presence of talented young models in the shows indicates the promising future of fashion in the country.

The international status of Ulyanovsk Fashion Week was exemplified by the participation of a delegation from Belarus. The Belarusian brand FASHION CENTRE presented its new collection "Skarb," inspired by the versatility and smoothness of linen. Exclusive prints featuring field flowers and ferns added delicacy and elegance to the designs.

The representatives of the Belarusian delegation praised the development of the light industry in Ulyanovsk. They expressed their interest in collaborating with local designers and emphasized the demand for fashion in the region.

Vice-premier of the Ulyanovsk region government, Marina Alexeeva, highlighted her personal connection to custom-made clothing, as she grew up in a family where sewing and clothing design were the main professions. She expressed her admiration for the professionalism and quality of the garments created by Ulyanovsk designers.

Ulyanovsk Fashion Week, traditionally held within the framework of the "Made in Ulyanovsk Region" forum, aims to promote business cooperation. This year, buyers from Belarus and Kazakhstan had the opportunity to meet local producers. Positive results were achieved, as Kazakhstani representatives showed interest in purchasing accessories from Ulyanovsk manufacturers for their boutiques. Representatives of the Belarusian fashion center discussed potential collaboration opportunities with Ulyanovsk clothing producers and the possibility of hosting a business mission for them in Belarus.

Ulyanovsk Fashion Week was first held in 2018. Initially, it took place once a year, but later expanded to include spring and autumn editions. In recent years, the event has become an integral part of the "Made in Ulyanovsk Region" forum. In March 2024, Ulyanovsk Fashion Week became the only Russian fashion week presented within the Moscow Fashion Week.

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